Made ready to stick
Special sticky pads.
No more nails
No more holes in your walls.
Just peel & stick

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Vibrant colors.
State-of-the-art printing machines.
Printed on smooth photo paper.
Ultra lightweight and rigid photo panel.
Mirror wrapped over all the edges.


Sizes: 8"x8" & 8"x12"
Thickness: 0.75"
Vibrant colors
State-of-the-art printing machines
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MeshPanel is patent pending product.
3 for $46, each extra is $10.
* Support countries

▪ Smooth, wrapped over all edges, anti-reflective photo paper processing.

▪ Split panel options that split 1 image into 3 panels. Perfect for panoramic views.

▪ Show off your creativity with all the different sizes.

▪ Print out and display your favorite memories.

▪ Use pictures to tell stories.

▪ Delivery 6-11 business days.

* Note: Most hard, non-delaminating wall.
Restickable up to 20 times, however, depending on the environment and condition, actual results may vary.


The highest quality printing.

No more nails and residues. Wall is my creations.

4-8 days shipping.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.


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Wall is my creation!

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