World's first stickable canvas prints.
Only available from MeshCanvas.
Made ready to attach.
Comes with special adhesives.
No more damaged walls*
Without screws or nails.
Leaves no residue.

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Versatile design

Vibrant Colors.
Lively colors printed with museum Giclee technology on an archival surface.
Superior Quality
Fine poly-cotton canvas with art gallery cloth texture.
Installation in seconds


8" x 8" / 8" x 12"
Stereoscopic with 0.75" in thickness
Versatile design with unique adhesives
Weightless and robust material. Attach easily.
No more nails, and residues.
Art gallery canvas print provides superior image quality.
Mirror wrap.
MeshCanvas is patent pending.
3 for $60, each surplus is $14.
Free Shipping.
* Support countries
You can mix square and rectangle layouts for your photos.

▪ Frameless wall decor to unleash your creativity.

▪ Square (8"x8") and Rectangle (8"x12") shapes to design bespoke layouts.

▪ Our canvas prints are water repellent.

▪ Vibrant colors printed on a textured surface, laminated to resist moisture and fading.

▪ Wrap on an unbending 0.75"

▪ lightweight & heavy duty photo panel. Stretched, wrapped and hand crafted by professionals.

▪ Splitting your favorite image across 3 canvas panels.

▪ Inimitable panoramic wall art creation.

▪ Each MeshCanvas comes with 4 adhesive squares attached. Simply peel off the backings and attach to desirable location on your wall.

▪ Mirror wrap: Preserves more content and reduces cropping of the original content.

▪ Turn your walls into real life FB and IG with MeshCanvas!

▪ Delivery 4-8 business days. Free Shipping.
* Support countries

* Note: Most hard, non-delaminating wall.
Restickable up to 20 times, however, depending on the environment and condition, actual results may vary.


★ Square MeshCanvas 8" x 8"

★… Rectangular MeshCanvas 8" x 12" & 12" x 8"

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The highest quality printing.

No more nails and residues. Wall is my creations.

4-8 days shipping.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.


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Wall is my creation!

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