2018 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. – Benjamin Franklin

Valentine’s Day can be a high-pressure holiday for some shoppers: Women and men.

It’s also a revenue-generating holiday for flower shops, restaurants, movie theatres, retail and online stores.

Matter of fact, Valentine’s Day dominates the retail calendar in February, driving more than $18 billion in consumer purchases in the United States alone, including, by some accounts, $5.4 billion in e-commerce sales.

With that being said, are you prepared for this year’s Valentine’s Day? Do you have a plan? Have you made a reservation at that restaurant she/he always wanted to go? Or have you purchased plane tickets and made hotel reservations for your romantic getaway? Have you decided what to get her/him for Valentine’s Day? Is it chocolate with roses? Or is it a bracelet or necklace? If that’s what you gifted her/him last year, try something new.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate with that person you love and appreciate. A little thoughtfulness makes all the difference.

You need to be a woman/man with a plan so this romantic event doesn’t become disastrous.

I always think a gift that is personalized and sentimental can never go wrong. If you are able to integrate moments and memories that both of you share is even better. I’m sure most lovebirds have lots of shared moments together that they post on their social media accounts. Bring back the memories and moments that defined you two’s love. Don’t just post them. Print them out and display them.

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away. So if you haven’t started your Valentine’s Day planning.

Start immediately!

Removal Procedures

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Removal procedures for MeshCanvas owners that are experiencing difficulty removing their tiles. The specially made sticky pads are very strong after they have been bonded with your walls for a few weeks without moving them. Therefore, here’s a step by step removal process for users that have this problem.


Designed for temporary use, our double-sided tapes are easy to reposition or remove.  However,  after exposure to heat and UV rays for long periods, the adhesive dries out, making it difficult to remove from glass, plastic, or painted surfaces. There are a number of products formulated to remove adhesives from fragile surfaces. Before applying any product to remove the adhesive, test a small area to ensure that it does not damage the original surface.

Gloves and Safety Goggles

When working with razor blades, putty knives, or solvents, protect the skin and eyes with heavy work gloves or disposable gloves, and safety goggles. Work in a well-ventilated area, or open a window and set up fans to keep the air circulating throughout the room. Keep all materials out of reach of children and pets.


Try Heat

Heat affects our tape adhesives. Try using a blow drier to heat and soften the adhesive. Insert a plastic putty knife under the edge of the tape to lift and peel it off the paint, plastic, or glass.

Add Moist Heat

Moist heat, such as a steam iron, may dissolve the tape adhesive. Alternately, place a wet rag over the tape adhesive and use a blow drier or iron to heat the rag. Scrub the surface gently with the rag to peel off the adhesive. Use caution on plastic and paint; the surface may be damaged by the hot water.

Use a Solvent

Test a small area of the original surface in an inconspicuous location before using any solvent or alcohol product. A solvent or alcohol may damage the surface.

Use a Little Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer with alcohol also dissolves tape adhesive. Use cotton balls or swabs to apply alcohol to the adhesive. If necessary, pour some of the product onto a paper towel or rag and place it over the adhesive. Cover the paper towel or rag with plastic wrap and tape it down. After a few minutes, lift the edge of the plastic and check the adhesive. If it has softened, remove the plastic and use the rag to wipe off the adhesive.



In-app Photo Filters

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Sometimes life isn’t perfect in the vision of our eyes. And it shouldn’t be. Nothing is perfect in life. We just have to take in the good and ignore the bad. Hence, we came out with our own filters to save you time and let you focus on your favorite memories. Our in-app filters will provide the professional touch up you are looking for. They aren’t the same filters you use in Instagram and Facebook. These filters are specially designed for our app and provided to you. These filters will not compressed your photo, therefore, your photos will be the original size and quality. That means these filters will not jeopardize the quality of your photo prints and keep your photos original.  These filters will enhance your photo. That way you can turn them into wall art and emulate your memories. Nothing is better than decorating your space with your personal memories. You can be your own interior designer with our app. Therefore, these filters will make your life easier and better. Not every day is a perfect hair and/or makeup day. Select from our 17 bespoke filters to keep everything unique and original. They can be applied to MeshCanvas, photo prints, and photo books.

Check them out today and enter coupon code: thx2u at check out to get 10% off your entire purchase! Offer ends on Nov. 30th, 2017.







2017 Gift Buying Guide: Holiday Season Is Here. Get Ready for Major Headaches

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It’s almost that time of the year again – that bitter sweet feeling of holiday season and where the heck did 2017 go?

2018 is less than 2 months away. People are getting ready for Christmas and the New Year. That brings up a big headache for a lot of gift buyers. I don’t know about most people but I’ve always had a hard time with buying gifts for people. It actually costs major headaches, anxiety, depression, and etc. Why can’t we just gift people money? I digressed. Anyway, if you are like me with a disability in gift buying. I’ve found the perfect solution for this year’s holiday season. Heck, I might just use this for every occasion. Over and over and over.. again!

I introduce you MeshCanvas!

It’s a perfect gift literally for every occasion. Who doesn’t love a gift that’s sentimental and handmade with personal memories?

MeshCanvas is a great gift idea because it’s effortless for the gift buyer and the gift receiver.

Gift buyer:

  1. Download free app.
  2. Provide photos and create a handmade meaningful gift in seconds.
  3. Free international shipping.

Gift receiver:

  1. Receive and decorate your space with handmade wall photo art.
  2. No need nails, screws, and hammers.

Halloween Email

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To celebrate Halloween, designers at Printage have custom designed many Halloween themed frames for you to choose from!

4 x 4 and 4 x 6 photos are free, just pay shipping!

Happy Halloween from the Printage team!



Product Hunt

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Hi Bruce,

We have big news to share with you today:

Today, we’ve formally launched Printage on Product Hunt! This is a tremendous opportunity for us to gain traction. As Printage customers, you have the most amount of insight on our product. Do you have 30 seconds right now to support Printage by sharing your thoughts on Product Hunt?

Many thanks in advance!

If you’re not using Product Hunt, please consider spreading the word: click to post on Facebook

Help (MeshCanvas)

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How much does MeshCanvas cost?

Three photo tiles cost $46 USD. Each additional photo tiles (beyond three of the same order) is $10 USD. So for example, 6 photo tiles would be $76.

How big are the photo tiles?

We offer two shapes: Rectangle (8 inches by 12 inches for landscape and 12 inches by 8 inches for portrait) and Square (8 inches by 8 inches). Both sizes are just under an inch thick. Split panel sizes: 24 inches by 8 inches, 36 inches by 8 inches, and 24 inches x 12 inches. 

How to make one photo with three photo tiles (Split Panel)?

At the canvas review page, simply tap on the photos you would like to create as split panel photo tiles. 

How to select different sizes?

At the photo tile review page, tap on the photos and size options will appear on left-hand side of the screen. 

How fast will my order arrive?

4 – 8 business days.

How do the photo tiles stick?

There are four mounting squares on the back of each photo tile. You peel the protective paper off each square and stick the photo tile to the wall. Peel. Stick. Decorate.

Can I remove the photo tiles?

Yes! MeshCanvas is designed to be removable. Just twist them off the wall and stick them somewhere else. You can try out different layouts. So unleash your creativity. 

Will MeshCanvas damage my walls?

Nope, we love walls. So no damage!

Is there any kind of wall that isn’t recommended for MeshCanvas?

It works for the majority of wall types, however, if you have any trouble, just tell us and we’ll do a full refund.

Do the mounting squares wear out?

It almost never happens. However, if they do wear out, let us know and we’ll send you new ones.

Is there a minimum photo resolution recommended? 

It should be at least 600 by 600 pixels. Lower resolution photos will result in blurry and grainy canvases. 

Can I edit and adjust my photos?

Of course! On the editing page, select any canvas to adjust which part to be printed. 

Which browser and operating systems does MeshCanvas support?

We support Android, iOS, and Google Chrome for a desktop. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, MeshCanvas ships internationally. And it’s always free. We ship to most countries in the world. Here’s the full list .

Do you have reviews?

Yes, Here’s reviews https://printage.cc/#reviews.

Have other questions?

Reach us at service@printage.cc or facebook.com/printageus




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  • Use on wood, tile, painted walls, glass, and most other wall surfaces* that are clean, dry and smooth.
  • Clean wall surface with a clean dry towel to prevent dirt and dust from interfering with the adhesives and affect the bond. In the case of a dirty wall, use water to clean the surface and wait until it dries.

  • Peel off backing tapes. Store/save backing tapes for future use.

  •  Mount canvas on desirable wall location and apply pressure for 3-5 seconds.

*Not recommended for use on wallpaper (Although it’s O.K. for our wallpaper.), delicate surfaces or wall painted with flat paint. May damage some substrates upon removal.