Photo tiles
Canvas prints
Picture frames
Made ready to attach.
No more holes.
Without screws or nails.
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Versatile design

Installation in seconds
Art gallery print provides incomparable image quality.
Can be removed and reattached for 20 times

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8" x 8" / 8" x 12"
0.75" in thickness
No more nails and damages.
You can mix square and rectangle layouts for your photos.
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* Support countries

MeshCanvas- canvas print

MeshCanvas - Canvas Print: 3 for $60, each surplus is $14.
It wraps around all the edges
Water repellent
MeshCanvas is a patent pending product.

MeshTile- photo tile

MeshTile - Photoboard: 3 for $46, each surplus is $10.
Photo paper mounted on a board

MeshFrame- wood picture frame

MeshFrame - Picture frames: 3 for $46, each surplus is $10.
Wood picture frames that stick and hang.

▪ Frameless wall decor to unleash your creativity.

▪ Stereoscopic with 0.75" in thickness.

▪ Lightweight advanced rigid graphic arts composite panel.

▪ Freedom to craft frameless tiles to mesh together as a split panel.

▪ Inimitable panoramic wall art creation.

▪ Each MeshCanvas comes with 4 adhesive squares attached. Simply peel off the backings and attach to desirable location on your wall.

▪ Turn your walls into real life FB and IG with MeshCanvas!

▪ Delivery 4-8 business days. Free Shipping.
* Support countries

* Note: Most hard, non-delaminating wall.
Restickable up to 20 times, however, depending on the environment and condition, actual results may vary.

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The highest quality printing.

No more nails and residues. Wall is my creations.

4-8 days shipping.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.


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Wall is my creation!

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